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Botanical Stem Cells for Skin Care


You might be hearing the term “Stem Cell Research” recently in the news. Leaders in Science, Government and the Catholic Church this weekend are discussing the use of human stem cells for the use of advancing studies on cancer and childhood diseases.

So what exactly is a Stem Cell. From a scientific perspective

Most Cells in organisms are specified for a particular purpose, such as brain cell, blood cells, or skin cells. A Stem Cell is undifferentiated in that is capable of producing…dividing, essentially without limit, into practically any type of cell until that organism is no longer 


In very basic of terms it is the “root” cell from which a cell and tissues spring forth.


You may not have heard, however, that the dermatological community has been using Plant stem cells for several years in creams and serums.

So Why Plant Cells

“Plant stem cells, contained in specialized structures called meristems, have amazing regenerative powers. They enable plants to grow and produce new [organisms] throughout lifetimes that can span hundreds of years.”— ·  Detlef Weigel and Gerd Jürgens. “Stem cells that make stems.” Nature. 415.6873 (2002): 751-754.

Apple trees and perennial flowers in  particular have the capacity to not only withstand cold and harsh conditions, but to generate new growth . The epidermis is in a constant state of renewal—sloughing cells every single day—so it requires non-stop cell replacement. Therefore it’s essential that we optimize epidermal stem cell population throughout our lives, even as we age.

The technique [to obtain botanical cells ] is a relatively simple one. First, cells in living tissue are obtained from a source plant. This material is called an explant. Next, a small cut is made in the explant. New cells form on the surface of this cut in an attempt to heal the wound. This new growth is called a callus. The slowly dividing cells of a callus are full of potential.

Using a crème at night that contains botanical stem cells re-awakens the cells to grow and limits collagen degradation, providing a renewed smooth feel to your  skin. Laser Enhanced Therapies carries the Image Skin Care Line: The Max. This revolutionary night time stem cell crème delivers unsurpassed anti-oxidant properties to your skin. New stem cell technology derived from herbaceous alpine plants supports natural skin defense mechanisms. Contains a maximum concentration of peptides to smooth wrinkle formation due to facial expressions and to support collagen regeneration. The MAXimum benefit is achieved through a high concentration of botanical ingredients without the use of chemical preservatives or fillers. This stem cell crème is formulated to regenerate skin and support natural defense mechanisms. Paraben free.


Receive 15 percent off for purchasing the Image line, including The Max when you purchase products in office.


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